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LPG Gas Cyclinder Price Hike: LPG Price Increased, Check How Much You Need To Pay For Domestic And Commercial LPG Cylinders In Your City

BySymbels Journal

Mar 1, 2023

New Delhi: Giving a major blow to the customers reeling under high inflationary pressures, Oil marketing companies (OMCs) have announced a hike in the price of both commercial LPG cylinders and domestic LPG cylinders effective from today (Wednesday, 1 March 2023).

Rates of LPG cylinders have been increased in Delhi after almost 6 months. Last time, the price of LPG cylinders were hiked in the national capital on 6 July 2022

Effective from 1 March 2023, 19 kg Commercial LPG cylinder prices have been increased by Rs 350.50. A bottle of 19 kg commercial cylinder will now cost Rs 2119.50 in Delhi. Meanwhile, domestic LPG Cylinder 14.2 kg prices has been hiked by Rs 50. A bottle of 14.2 kg Domestic LPG cylinder would now cost Rs 1103 in Delhi.

The price of per bottle of LPG has not been changed however in other cities. Here is how much you need to pay for LPG cylinders in major cities in the country

New Delhi: Rs 1,103.00 as against 1,053.00

Kolkata: Rs 1,079.00

Mumbai: Rs 1,052.50

Chennai: Rs 1,068.50

Gurgaon: Rs 1,111.50

Noida: Rs 1,050.50

Bangalore: Rs 1,055.50

Bhubaneswar: Rs 1,079.00

Chandigarh: Rs 1,112.50

Hyderabad: Rs 1,105.00

Jaipur: Rs 1,056.50

Lucknow: Rs 1,090.50

Patna: Rs 1,201.00

This is the second increase in the rates of a commercial LPG cylinder this year. Commercial cylinder prices had previously been raised by Rs 25 per unit on January 1.

OMCs increased the prices of domestic cylinder last time in July 6 2022. It was increased to Rs 153.5 cumulatively. Prices were hiked four times. OMCs first increased Rs 50 in March 2022, then it again hiked Rs 50 and Rs 3.50 in May month. Finally, it hiked the prices of domestic cylinder by Rs 50 in July last year.


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