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Pune-Bound Air Asia Flight Suffers Bird Strike, Makes Emergency Landing in Bhubaneswar

A bird strike incident on Thursday forced an Air Asia flight with a destination of Pune to make an emergency landing at the Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar, according to the Airport Authority. The plane suffered a bird hit soon after taking off from the airport. However, all the passengers were safe after the emergency landing, and the damage sustained by the plane after the incident is being assessed by the airline.

The Air Authority informed in a statement that “Pune bound Air Asia flight made an emergency landing at Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar after a bird-hit incident, soon after the take-off. The aircraft is being assessed, and all the passengers are safe.” Reacting to the incident, Air Asia said that the flight has returned to Bhubaneshwar for detailed inspection after suffering a bird hit.

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“VT-ATF, operating from Bhubaneswar to Pune, suffered a bird hit after takeoff and returned to Bhubneshwar for detailed inspection. We are attending to guests and taking steps to minimise the impact on other scheduled operations,” the Air Asia spokesperson said.

He further added, saying, “We are attending to guests and taking steps to minimise the impact on other scheduled operations. We regret the inconvenience caused due to circumstances beyond our control.” 

The incident comes a month after Aviation Minister said necessary steps are being taken to take care of bird strike incidents. In his statement, the minister said, “As far as bird hits are concerned, we have put in place all measures at airports, which includes the bird dispeller, sound guns, and other methodologies that will keep birds away from airport areas.”

“…Why do birds come to certain places, especially airports. It is not because they make their homes there but more because the fact that they are attracted to some objects in that area. Therefore, to keep areas clean and make sure that birds do not cluster around areas of transportation through which there may be a threat to airlines, it is very important for us,” he added.

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