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Watch: Mumbaikars Rescue Rs 1 Crore Jaguar XJ After Luxury Car Gets Stuck on Speed Breaker

BySymbels Journal

Mar 2, 2023

Imported luxury saloons deliver a bespoke and luxurious experience in terms of ride comfort and driving nature. Since they are designed keeping in mind the speed and agility required on high-speed road infrastructures of developed countries. On Indian roads, they perform extremely well, however, the big challenge they face is with their low ground clearance. Watching them scraping their bellies on large speed breakers due to this issue is a common sight. Recently, in Mumbai, a Jaguar XJ saloon got stuck on a large speed breaker. As can be seen in the video, the limo gets beached on the tall speed breaker.

The trick to pass such bumps without much hassle is to attempt them diagonally, but considering the traffic in metro cities of India, it becomes tough. Although the driver did just that, leaving one of the rear wheels hanging in the air. As a result, it could spin freely. Nevertheless, crowd gathered to push the car a bit, so that the wheel could traction and push the limo off the speed breaker. With the combined effort of the crowd and the car’s power, it managed to roll off the speed bump without any substantial damage to the body.

In the video, the person who recorded it can be heard saying, what’s the point of buying such cars when there’s no infrastructure? Well, India as an automotive market has a big appetite for luxury cars. And of course, huge speed breakers, which play around with the low ground clearance of the cars. For this very reason, people have started opting for SUVs as their primary set of wheels.

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Talking of the Jaguar XJ Saloon, it was priced from Rs 99.56 lakh onwards and went up to Rs 1.97 Crore, ex-showroom. Sadly, the car is not on sale in the Indian market currently. As of now, the brand only retails three models in India – Jaguar I-Pace, Jaguar F-Pace, and Jaguar XF.


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