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Charu Asopa Celebrates Her Birthday With Estranged Husband Rajeev Sen – See Pics

BySymbels Journal

Mar 1, 2023

New Delhi: Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have bonded after their public fight and a series of hateful interviews against each other. At least, that’s what the newest post from the actress’s account indicates. The recent pictures show Rajeev and Charu with their daughter Zianna. 

In celebration of his wife Charu’s birthday, Rajeev Sen posted a series of photos on Instagram. The photos from Charu’s birthday party showed a radiantly happy couple and their adorable daughter, Ziana. For the caption, Rajeev wrote, “Happy Birthday Charu wishing u lots of love with good health & happiness always.” 

Charu also posted the same photos on her Instagram account, thanking Rajeev for making her birthday memorable. She wrote, “Thank you Rajeev, had an amazing day. Thank you for making my birthday so special.”

As soon as he posted the photos, his followers expressed their joy at seeing the two of them together and began to shower them with good wishes.

Internet users, however, can’t seem to agree on whether or not they are a happy couple. Some are declaring them as the most “confused couple ever.”

One user commented, “Waiting for next sympathy Interview,” while another one wrote, “you guys are perfect example of toxic couple.”

Talking about Ziana, one user wrote, “I feel pity for the lovely child, how irresponsible and unstable parents.” 

After being married in 2019, Charu and Rajeev first proclaimed their intention to separate but then changed their minds and decided to give their love another go. Nevertheless, the pair have had severe disagreements, and Charu had lately accused Rajeev of cheating on her when she was pregnant. On the other hand, Rajeev has repeatedly refuted the claims against him.

Earlier, Charu also said that she wants nothing bad to happen to their daughter Ziana and that they should do their best to raise her in a happy home.



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