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Gaiety Galaxy Owner Slams Akshay Kumar For Visting The Kapil Sharma Show, Over-Exposure To Fans

New Delhi: Producer-theatre owner Manoj Desai slammed Akshay Kumar for over-exposure to his fans about a week after the release of his new film, ‘Selfiee’, which underperformed at the box office. Manoj argued that instead of his usual four to five releases per year, Akshay should just have two films come out each year and refrain from frequently appearing on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

In a conversation with Filmi Fever, Manoj vented his displeasure at the recent box office failures of Akshay Kumar movies. He was asked about his views on Selfie’s underwhelming box-office performance. Desai continued by saying that rather than the content, the producers are counting on a last-minute rush for collections. He also criticised producer Karan Johar, noting that while the director may have the financial resources to produce numerous flops, Akshay does not.

“Akshay Kumar should not feature in four-five films per year. You were on Kapil’s show recently, what did you get? He just needs to earn his money and Sony pays him for fooling people and ,making them laugh. But why do you visit the show so frequently? Have you invested in the show? That is Salman Khan’s show, why do you have to go there? Public has told me that they don’t find it fit for Akshay to visit that show so frequently?” he said.

Moreover, the owner of Gaiety Galaxy stated that Kapil had three times extended an invitation for him to appear on his show, but he had declined out of concern that the comedian may both compliment and mock him.

Akshay acknowledged earlier this week that he is to blame for the failure of his films. “It is a great alarm, aapki film nahi chal rahi to galti aapki hai (If your films are not working, it is your fault). When your films flop in a row, it is an alarm for you that it is time for you to change. Main koshish kar raha hun, wahi kar sakta hoon (I am trying to change, that is all I can do),” he said.

‘Selfiee’ had the weakest opening of any Akshay Kumar movie in ten years.


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