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Kapil Sharma On South Koreans' Reaction After Watching 'Zwigato': People Were Crying

New Delhi: Kapil Sharma, Shahana Goswami and Nandita Das debuted the second trailer for their movie ‘Zwigato’ on Wednesday in Mumbai. The actors and director spoke extensively about their movie during the press conference, including the reception it received in Korea when it made its debut at the 27th Busan International Film Festival the previous year.

‘Zwigato’ apparently resonated with the South Korean audience, according to Kapil Sharma. Talking about the film at the press event, Kapil Sharma said, “After watching the film, people were crying there, and they didn’t even know that I’m known for comedy. So, I don’t think there’ll be any disappointment.”

In ‘Zwigato’, Kapil portrays a food delivery worker. The movie follows his path from losing his job as a factory floor manager to all the problems the app and his new employment cause. Shahana plays his wife, who aspires to support her own family through employment.

Kapil Sharma, who is a well-established comedian, talked about shedding that image during the press meet. He said, “I do comedy 2 hours a day on my show, but I’m not like that for 24 hours. There are several facets to my personality, which I’d like to show. I don’t think there will be any disappointment among fans as they’ll also be keen to see what new I’m bringing to the table.”

Written and Directed by Nandita Das, the film features Kapil Sharma, who is a new food delivery rider, exploring the world of gig economy. Shahana Goswani plays his wife, a homemaker, who to support his income, starts to work for the very first time. Set in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, the film captures what an ‘ordinary’ family faces in the post-pandemic world. It is the story of the relentless struggle of life, but not without shared moments of joy. It is life-like – bitter-sweet.   

During the trailer launch, Kapil Sharma said he never imagined Nandita Das would offer him a film. “Maine zindagi mein nai socha tha, inhone ne bhi nai socha tha. I have always been a fan of Nandita, have seen Firaaq and Manto. And seeing those films, I hadn’t imagined that she will ever offer me a film. Her films may be serious but in personal life she is quite funny. When you see the film, everyone will be able to relate to it,” Kapil said during the trailer launch. 

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