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Nawazuddin Siddiqui‘s Brother Shamas Confirms His Strained Relation With Irrfan Khan, Also Reveals The Reason

New Delhi: Nawazuddin Siddiqui‘s brother Shamas Nawab Siddiqui recently opened up about his equation with his brother, the actor’s current legal battle with his wife Aaliya Siddiqui, in an interview. He also spoke about the much-talked-about friction between Nawaz and late actor Irrfan. 

In an interview with ETimes, Shamas, who was very close to his brother for a very long time, confirmed that Irrfan and Nawaz were not in good terms and there were clashes during the making of ‘The Lunchbox.’ 

“Both, Nawaz and Irrfan, used to say that they would walk into the set if and only if the other one was present. I think such a thing happens in movies when both the actors are of such high stature,” he told ETimes in the interview. 

He also revealed how the relationship between the two actors turned sour. “It all started when they were shooting for Kabir Khan’s New York in 2009. Nawaz bhai started dating Irrfan’s girlfriend,” he told ETimes in Hindi. 

He didn’t divulge any further details. 

Meanwhile, Shamas also described Nawaz as a difficult person.“Woh hamara khayal rakhte hain but he hasn’t established any brother’s career. He buys properties for us, but he isn’t what his image is. He is a difficult person. He abandons people- Aaliya and I are two examples,” he told ETimes. 

Talking about how his relationship with him went awry, he said, “I had done a lot of TV and even directed a show or two. Nawaz then asked me to join him. He said he wants people who are his own. In 2019, my film ‘Bole Chudiyan’ came up for release. To be frank, I didn’t want Nawaz in the film. I felt our personal equation could go haywire or we both may not be able to excel in each other’s presence. The producer, however, insisted that I cast Nawaz. When the movie needed editing and patchwork, Nawaz suddenly told the producer that he wouldn’t continue until he got all his dues related to the film. I wondered why Nawaz was doing this to my film and why was he not supporting me? The film came to a halt. I had given him so much. I didn’t even have a personal life till the age of 46. Friction set in between us.” 

He also revealed that the actor had told his family not to see Shamas’s daughter. “He just stopped connecting with me. Nawaz has also told the family that they should not see my daughter. Not only did they obey him, they didn’t even give me a call,” he told ETimes.   

Speaking about Nawaz’s wife, Aaliya, Shamas said she has taken a lot as a woman. When asked about his mother calling Nawaz and Aaliya’s second child illegitimate, he replied that his mother might have said this in anger.   
Married in 2009, the couple has been in the limelight for the past few weeks hurling allegations at each other on various domestic and personal issues and their children, daughter Shora and son Yaani.  
In January 2022, Nawazuddin’s mother filed a police complaint against Aaliya for allegedly trespassing into the actor’s home and she lodged a counter-complaint against her mother-in-law alleging domestic violence.  

Recently, Aaliya charged Nawaz with alleged rape and lodged a complaint with Versova Police Station. 


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