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Sona Mahpatra Says She Doesn't Know What Shehnaaz Gill's Talent Is, Gets Trolled By Latter's Fans

BySymbels Journal

Mar 1, 2023

New Delhi: Popular singer Sona Mohapatra got trolled after she took a dig at Shehnaaz Gill after a video went viral in which Shehnaaz can be seen pausing her performance after hearing azaan (call for prayer). Sona said that it reminded her of the time when Shehnaaz supported #MeToo accused Sajid Khan. 
Sona tweeted: “All the twitter adulation for #ShehnaazGiII’s act of ‘respect’ today reminded me of her ‘support’, ‘reverence’ & ‘glorification’ of a multiple accused sex offender & pervert #SajjidKhan when he was platformed on National TV. Wished she had some respect for her sisterhood. #MeToo” 

However, post her tweet, she was badly trolled and while responding to them she wrote: “Dear trolls trying to stand up for yet another starlet like Jacqueline, I don’t know what Shehnaz’s particular talent is as of now, apart from low-brow reality tv fame. But I do know the modus operandi of women of convenience, shortcuts who bust the good fight for a role/money.” 
To her tweet, fans reacted: “Ms Mohapatra, you are the troll here. Selectively picking on someone without any provocation from her side. We’re simply her fans who’ve been loving her just for the person she is. She has an amazing personality that has won millions of hearts.” 
Another Twitter user commented: “Defaming other women in the name of fake feminism has become the daily routine of some women & you aren’t the exception. All these women are fighting their battle, without asking for help. So,it’s better to focus on your work than getting momentary fame from other’s pain.” 
“You should first get this thing clear your problem is with Shehnaaz Gill or with Sajid Khan…U r against Meetoo or someone’s success…instead of munching headline for dragging a girl down n chanting for sisterhood, get urself treated by a doctor #JustAtrollerOfShehnaaz,” wrote another social media user. 
While one of Shehnaaz’s fans mentioned that if Sona is not aware of her talent why she is using her name: “If you don’t know about her or her talent, why use her name..why drag her into this ??!! You clearly don’t know her or anything about her journey and yet you have already termed her as a woman of convenience. Wowww!! SHAME ON AYOU!! Stay away from our girl!!”


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