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Yami Gautam Recalls An Incident Of A Young Boy Recording Her Video In Hometown Without Consent

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Mar 1, 2023

New Delhi: In a recent interview, actor Yami Gautam described an incident that happened in her homeland of Himachal Pradesh when a teenager asked to take a photo with her but actually began recording her instead. She was referring to the invasion of privacy of famous people following the unauthorised photography of Alia Bhatt in her living room. According to Yami, the boy’s video was then uploaded online as a vlog and viewed by millions of people.

Many celebrities discussed their comparable experiences with photographers before Yami made her confession. Alia was photographed with a zoom lens from a nearby building. A media portal posted the same pictures online. Yami addressed the necessity for a distinction to be made between celebrities when asked about her response to the incident.

During a conversation, Yami told a journalist Puja Talwar, “Aaj kal koi aise le k video bana raha hoga (These days anyone can record a video anytime, without consent). Some boy came on my farm, a very young boy, a teenager who must be 19-20, and requested my staff ‘can we take a picture’. I am very open, you know, welcoming people. It’s a small town and people wanna come and visit and talk. And, I am very happy to do that. I thought he is taking a picture but he was taking a video. A video of…it was so bad, and that person apparently got millions of views, he’s celebrating his vlog…”

“It may seem I’m so happy mujhe comment mil gayi (I am getting a lot of comments/publicity) but that means that has encouraged that person to do it again with somebody,” the actor added. Puja quipped, “And encourage others to do it.” “Which they did. They all came back at home with cameras and they are taking a tour of my home. I am like ‘what is happening? Where are we going?’ You making this so normal for next generation. Absolutely there has to be a line drawn and everything is not okay. This is not okay,” Yami further said.

Yami Gautam talked about the business practises of the film industry and what it takes to thrive in Hindi film, having accomplished fame in Bollywood with her own distinct brand of movies. The ‘Dasvi’ actor spoke about shattering stereotypes and flourishing as an outsider during a discussion on ‘Breaking the Mould’ at ABP Network Ideas of India 2.0.

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