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#ElvishYadav Trends After Flower Pots' Theft Video Goes Viral. Who Is He

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Mar 1, 2023

#ElvishYadav Trends After Flower Pots' Theft Video Goes Viral. Who Is He

Elvish Yadav is a YouTuber and runs two channels — Elvish Yadav Vlogs and Elvish Yadav

New Delhi:

Ever since a shocking video of two men stealing flowerpots from a G20 venue in Gurugram went viral, the name Elvish Yadav has been trending.

Elvish Yadav is a YouTuber who runs two channels — Elvish Yadav Vlogs and Elvish Yadav — and primarily puts out video content on top-end cars. His two channels have 36 lakh and 92 lakh followers, respectively.

Soon after the video of the flowerpot theft went viral, social media users claimed that the SUV in the footage was seen in a video on Elvish Yadav’s YouTube channel. The video uploaded last year, they said, shows Elvish in the car at a rally in Rajasthan. Sharing screenshots from both videos, they said the car in the flower pots’ theft clip and the one in the Rajasthan rally have the same registration number.

Soon after, Elvish was accused of stealing flower pots and memers had a field day, with many taking a dig at the influencer.

In a tweet late last night, Elvish Yadav said the vehicle in the flower pots’ video does not belong to him. “This is not my vehicle. I kindly ask everyone not to spread any untrue information about me. I am suing the people who are spreading false information about me.”

He said in another tweet that “just because I was seen in a car once, doesn’t mean I own it”. “Some filthy minds who have a habit of creating fake narratives once again came out of their ratholes with a cooked up story. Forget me, they don’t even leave the country or the PM. You can’t expect more from them,” he added.

The influencer also got into arguments with several Twitter users, and the exchanges ranged from combative to hilarious.


In one such Twitter war, Elvish threatened to sue a Twitter user, Utkarsh Singh, and warned him that he would lose his home. The response was: “But my house does not have flower pots”. When Elvish replied, “You don’t even have a home”, Utkarsh Singh had another counter, “I have asked the landlord to keep the flower pots inside.”

The influencer got into another argument with parody handle “Dr Nimo Yadav”. When the parody handle said Elvish Yadav had “let down the Yadav community”, the YouTuber hit back with a jibe, calling the person running the parody handle “Pokemon-like” and “jobless”.

Elvish Yadav also indicated that he was being targeted because he “speaks up for Hindus”.

The latest update in the case is that Gurugram Police have arrested a man, identified as Manmohan, for allegedly stealing the flower pots. Police said in a tweet that they have also recovered the flower pots and seized the vehicle.

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