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Find your perfect lipstick match: Tips for choosing the best shade for your skin

BySymbels Journal

Mar 1, 2023

A lip shade can either make your face seem bright or dull. Every shade and tone is beautiful in its own unique way but a little more focus on the products used can change the game. The lipstick we choose is a crucial step in our makeup which changes the whole look. Choosing the right lipstick can enhance your natural beauty and complete your look. However, with so many shades and formulas available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. The key to finding the perfect lipstick for your skin tone is to consider factors such as your skin undertone, complexion, and personal style. Here are some expert-approved tips to help you choose the best lipstick for your skin. (Also read: Can lipstick cause lip darkening? Tips by beauty experts )

Medha Singh, Aesthetician, Cosmetologist and CEO of Juvena Herbals Pvt. Ltd., shared with HT Lifestyle, “Determining the lipstick shade depends on the tone of your skin which can be found out referring to the vein colour. Blue veins signify a medium undertone, if the veins are green your complexion is warm which means towards a lighter skin with good collagen, this is a significantly important point to keep in mind while figuring out the lipstick.”

She further added, “The next relevant point to keep in mind is the obvious colour of the lips while choosing the lip shade, which can be pink, dull or patchy. Lips which are dull and patchy should try using a darker shade of lipstick because it is understood that the lips which are on the duller and discoloured side have a natural tone of dusky and wheatish. Primer acts as a corrector while applying lipstick for a long-lasting effect as well as to even the lip tone in case of unevenness, whilst reducing the patchy texture. If primer is not available, sunscreen can act as a supplement but it would start to peel off the lipstick after an hour or so of application.”

“One of the best ways to physically check the lip shade is to apply it at the back of your hand for accuracy because it matches the lip colour. Obviously, the most suitable way would be to apply it on the lips but that is not allowed. Being such a small product, it is often taken for granted and chosen as it looks on other girls, but there is a need to understand the significance of each different tone on which the lip shade would suit,” Medha concludes.

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