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Holi 2023: Tips to take care of your pet's skin this Holi

Holi is just round the corner and while people are looking forward to the festival of colours for the much-needed respite from their monotonous schedules, it may be a stressful time for your pets who may not feel comfortable in the noisy environment with too many people around and their pet parents not able to spend enough time with them. Besides Holi colours can be unsafe for your canine or feline companions as they are loaded with harmful chemicals and substances. It is important to protect your pets from such colours. In case, it is unavoidable, you can apply some oil on your pet to protect skin irritation and give them a nice bath after the festival. Here are other tips from an expert. (Also read: Nutrition tips for your dog as summer approaches)

“Holi is a festival that is filled with celebration, colours, music and firecrackers. It is one of the most awaited festivals that is celebrated across the country with enthusiasm. But this is an extremely stressful time for pets. Certain steps need to be taken in order to keep them safe during the festival of Holi,” says Dr. Aishwarya R Veterinary officer at Wiggles.

Let’s take a look at some tips to follow:

Avoid splashing or smearing colours on them

Heavy metals are present in colours used during Holi which are harmful for pets as it may cause irritation and skin allergies. It is better to avoid playing colours with pets as it may cause other health issues to them too.

Apply oil on the skin

Apply natural oil or pet safe oils on the skin before you take them out to play. Oil provides help in protecting the skin from colours, allergies or irritation. Oil may provide a soothing effect and provide relief from existing skin irritation.

Give them a nice bath

If you have played with colours with your pet the first thing you should do is give him a nice bath using a pet safe shampoo that helps get rid of the colours and avoid irritation, allergies. Rinse their fur thoroughly to remove traces of colours.

Keep an eye on your pet

After a holi playing session, it is extremely important to keep an eye on your pet for any signs of discomfort. Excessive scratching, redness, hair fall may be signs that your pet is suffering from some health issue due to colours. If you notice any such symptoms, take your pet to the vet immediately.

Following these simple steps will help you in keeping your pets skin healthy and protected during Holi. Prevention is always better than cure and that’s exactly what we should do with regards to pets.

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