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Mood: You’re hot and you’re cold!

Too hot to wear a jacket, but too cold to wear a skater dress — most people in Delhi-NCR are in a dilemma, owing to the sudden changes in temperature and weather these days. Besides an increase in cases of cold and flu, the pollen in the air is triggering allergic reactions and even breathlessness.

“Dehydration, fatigue, muscular aches, dryness in the eyes and gastrointestinal infections can also result from changing weather,” says Dr Amitabh Parti, director, Internal Medicine, at a Gurugram hospital.

While the basics of eating clean and hygiene practices like washing and sanitising hands regularly are a given, experts share more ways to stay guarded, this season.

Eat right, stay hydrated

The importance of staying hydrated can never be stated enough. Adequate hydration helps flush out toxins from the body, thereby helping one keep allergies at bay.

“Have citrus fruits such as orange, gooseberries, etc. Home-made chutney, sprouts and nimbu paani are easy sources of vitamin C,” says nutritionist Tripti Tandon, who also recommends eating fermented foods for gut health, moongfali — rich in magnesium — as well as leafy veggies, which are loaded with zinc.

“Include foods that have intrinsic cooling properties, but don’t have them cold and have fermented foods that are anti-microbial,” says dietitian Gauri Anand.

Turn to yoga

Another tried and tested measure for good health is yoga. “Jal Neti, a technique to clean the nasal passage, promotes ease in breathing. Bhramari Pranayama can help prevent lung infections and Ujjayi Pranayama, wherein you inhale through the throat, can help fight cold and cough,” says yoga expert Gaurav Chauhan.

Bring back the mask

For those prone to allergies, Dr Parti advises wearing a mask and consulting a physician at the earliest sign of an allergy flare, besides getting flu shots.

“Asthmatic patients should watch out for the slightest irritation in the throat or a runny nose, as these can trigger a bigger episode,” cautions Dr Rajiva Gupta, consultant, Internal Medicine, at a Gurugram hospital.


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