• Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Questions to ask yourself to improve your parenting: Therapist shares tips

Parenting can be very tricky. Every parent wants to provide their children with the best; however, it is also important to ensure that they learn and inculcate the values and skills needed for them to navigate through life. There are various ways of parenting – from the one that involves being extremely friendly to the children to where parents are very strict about teaching discipline and skills to their kids. Every type of parenting comes with its own set of pros and cons. But parents should ensure to change and adapt to the changes and improve their parenting style from time to time to keep themselves updated. Addressing this, Psychologist Dr Jazmine McCoy wrote, “Self-awareness is our superpower as parents. Here are some questions to help spark self-reflection and insights.”

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Dr Jazmine further noted down a few questions that we must ask ourselves time and again to improve our styles of parenting:

Recollecting: We should go back to our own childhood and remember the times when we were about the age that our child is now. The kind of parenting that we received and how it made us feel should impact the way we must behave as parents in the present.

Child’s perspective: Having the perspective of the child and how they feel about the way they are being parented is also important. Sometimes we should put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand.

Definitions: As parents, we are also often surrounded with stereotypes. Our own definitions of a good child and a good parent can help us improve the way we parent our children.

Our caregivers: Sometimes we imbibe a lot of behavior patterns that we experienced from our parents or caregivers. Sometimes they may not be pleasant. We should reflect on our own behavioral patterns and try to understand the same.

Intense emotions: The way our parents handled the intense emotions that we felt as kids should impact the way we do the same for our children now.

Behavior: As parents, do we listen more or lecture more, or do we compliment more or criticise more – we must reflect on this question to improve ourselves as parents.


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