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Shilpa Shetty’s Monday cardio step-workout has a Baazigar twist

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Mar 1, 2023

Shilpa Shetty is a fitness enthusiast. The actor keeps her fans motivated on a regular basis with snippets from her workout diaries on her Instagram profile. From acing yoga asanas to kickstarting the week on a fitness high with a cardio routine, Shilpa can do it all. The actor swears by yoga and high intensity workouts and often snippets from her gym diaries make way to her Instagram profile to share oodles of motivation for her Instagram family. Shilpa believes in the power of yoga and workouts. The actor hardly misses a day from working out – even when she underwent a leg injury. The actor suffered a leg injury a few weeks back, but that did not stop her from acing fitness routines.

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Shilpa started the week on a fitness high and we are motivated already. The actor shared a Monday motivation on her Instagram profile, and it is everything that we need. The actor aced a cardio step-workout, all the while grooving to the Baazigar song from Divine and Armani White’s album. Shilpa acted in the 1993 crime thriller starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. The first part of the song is borrowed from the title track of the 1993 film. In the video, Shilpa can be seen stepping up and down a platform on the floor, while working on her core and leg muscles. The actor can be seen matching the beats of the song with her workout routine and grooving to it too while working out. With the video, Shilpa shared a few tips on how to ace this routine – “Today’s routine is just a fun cardio step-workout with a little ‘SSK twist’ added to it. It majorly works the cardiovascular system and legs. Make sure to time it, though. For e.g.: do it for 60/90/120 seconds × 5 times or more reps. (Just remember to keep an eye on the platform, so you do not trip over it and use a platform-height according to your fitness level.) I have done it on a 4” platform.”

Cardio step workout comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in improving the overall fitness of the body, expecially by strengthening the muscles, burning mega calories and fat and boosting cardiovascular health. It also helps in improving lung capacity.


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