• Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Ways by which your partner impacts your life: Therapist explains

Choosing the person to build a life with is one of the most difficult and important decisions that we make in life. We cannot choose the families and the relatives that we are born to, but later in life, we choose the friends we want to be with and the partner with whom we want to make and live a life together. In relationships, we often know from an early stage if we want to be with the person forever. However, people and time undergo changes and sometimes things do not work out the way we had planned. But in most cases, we trust the gut and go with the choice of spending our lives with the person we are in love with. Addressing this and how the partner can impact our choices and lifestyle, Psychologist Nicole LePera wrote, “Culture tells us to focus on what college we go to, the job we choose, on achievement, on so many things. Who we build a home (and possibly family with) with will have a profound impact on every aspect of our world.”

Daily habits: our partners impact the way we choose our daily habits. It is common for partners in a relationship to replicate each other’s ways of spending time.

Mindset: The perspectives, opinions, agreements and disagreements are also impacted by the way we spend time together, talk about things together and come to know about each other’s patterns of thoughts.

Money: Having a life together with the person we love also brings a lot of changes and choices in the way we deal with our financial things. Our relationship with money is also affected by them.

Family: The idea of family is impacted and curated by the choices we make together with the person we are in love with.

Health: our partners can hugely impact our lifestyle. The food we eat, the workouts we do and the time period that we invest in sleeping and taking a rest – everything is impacted by them.

Ability to be ourselves: The way we express ourselves and accept ourselves changes in a healthy relationship – we become more open to being who we are and discovering and exploring the depths of our own mind.


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