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Helium Releases Balanced AI News Summaries With Introspection

BySymbels Journal

Mar 2, 2023

Helium Trades releases AI news summaries and media bias analysis featuring the AI’s ability to reflect on its own bias.

Press Release

Mar 1, 2023 13:00 EST

Keeping up with the news can be a daunting task, especially with the endless stream of information available online. That’s why Helium, an AI-powered stock forecasting and news platform, has launched a new summary and perspectives feature that promises to help readers read smarter and save time.

Helium’s AI reads thousands of articles from intellectually balanced sources every day, breaks them down by topic, and writes concise summaries from relevant perspectives. The summaries are designed to be unemotional and descriptive, avoiding emotionally charged language, prescriptive language, first-person language, and begging the question to ensure accuracy and objectivity.

What sets Helium’s AI apart is its ability to introspect on its own potential biases, providing readers with a more objective reading experience. The AI sources high-quality articles from diverse political, geographic, and social dimensions to help readers understand the bigger picture.

“We know it’s impossible for a single person to read even a tiny fraction of all the new information that interests them,” said Helium’s founder, Conner Lambden. “That’s why we created Helium’s AI news summaries: to help readers cut through the clutter and get the high-level gist with concise summaries aggregated from balanced sources.”

With Helium’s balanced AI news summaries, readers can filter out the attention-grabbing noise and get to the deeper point quicker.

Source: Helium Trades


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