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TP-Link ASIC Announces Launch of ASIC Mining Router

Press Release

Mar 2, 2023 11:30 EST

TP-Link ASIC is excited to announce the release of its new Mining Router, the NX31, a revolutionary new device with a high hash rate and enhanced internet support capabilities. The NX31 is loaded with features and perks that make it superior to competing miners. The NX31 is equipped with a hash rate of 31.2 TH/S, Wi-Fi 7 and security enhancements. The NX31 Mining Router is undoubtedly the greatest of its kind and will change the mining industry.

On March 4, 2023, the first batch of NX31 orders will be available for $1440. It is aimed to compete with prominent ASIC manufacturers. The Router will be limited to three units per customer.

Many miners are eagerly awaiting the introduction of this product, as there is a tremendous degree of expectation and excitement surrounding its arrival. In addition to its remarkable mining and routing skills, the typical return on investment for the current hash difficulty miner router is five to seven months.

TP-LINK is committed to offering the finest quality goods and superior customer support to its clients. They are convinced that the ASIC Mining Router will exceed their expectations and deliver a mining experience unlike any other.

To learn more about the ASIC Mining Router, visit

Source: TP-Link


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