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Wintersmiths Unveils New Automatic Clear Ice-Making Technology and First Commercial Product, Juniper

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Mar 2, 2023

Vermont-based barware company announces a Kickstarter campaign to fund production for its newest creation, a countertop automatic clear ice-making appliance to create cocktail-quality ice at home

Press Release

Mar 1, 2023 13:00 EST

Wintersmiths launched their fourth Kickstarter campaign on Feb. 28 to raise $150,000 for production of their newest product and reached their goal within about 60 minutes of launching. 

Juniper is a complete countertop home ice maker/freezer which features a modern & durable compact design and is capable of making truly crystal-clear bar-quality ice, automatically. It can produce 12 large clear spheres, 12 large clear cubes, or 96 small clear cubes every 24 hours using any water source. Wintersmiths is building on the success of its previous three Kickstarter campaigns for the Ice Baller, Ice Chest, and Phantom, which collectively raised more than $800,000 from thousands of supporters. This new 60-day campaign for Juniper is set to end on April 29, 2023.

“One of the reasons we are so excited about Juniper is that it is something we have been dreaming about since we started Wintersmiths – a fully automated way to create crystal-clear ice. We spent the past few years perfecting the technology, working with potential manufacturing partners and building out a complete understanding of the logistics and timeline,” said Wintersmiths founder Chris Little. “Compared to directional freezing, our new Active Core Freezing process can create clear ice from ordinary tap water up to 75% faster and without any excess or wasted water – making it the ideal technology to harness for automation.”

The idea for Wintersmiths came to founder Chris Little after a business trip to Tokyo, where he experienced his first cocktail that used a single clear ice sphere instead of ice cubes. Seeing a gap in the market for devices that could make clear, spherical ice at a reasonable cost, and with their passion for invention, Chris and his brother, Patrick Little, set out to create their own. Using their combined skills in marketing and engineering, they discovered the science of directional freezing to help cocktail connoisseurs achieve colder, less diluted, and more beautiful drinks. Their products are capable of making clear ice in various quantities, sizes, and shapes and are used all around the world in thousands of homes and bars/restaurants.


About Wintersmiths 

Wintersmiths firmly believes that ice is a critical component to concocting an exceptional cocktail. Selecting the perfect ice for the perfect drink is equal parts art and science. In 2013, founders Chris and Pat Little launched the company and made crystal clear ice spheres and other shapes accessible to the market with their patented devices. For more information on Wintersmiths, visit https://www.wintersmiths.com/

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